Saturday, March 19, 2016

Camp Ai-Yuk-Pa Snapshots: 1940

For Sarah's essay on Camp Ai-Yuk-Pa, click here.

Out of the six years Sarah attended camp, there seems to be only one where she took a camera and documented many of the people she shared these summers with: either 1940 or 1941. I'm basing this assumption on the placement of the photos in one of her scrapbooks, which are followed by ones from her two years in Pottsville.

Here they are, with Sarah's original captions, and occasional notations by me in brackets. Each caption was written in pencil on the black pages of the scrapbook and are very hard to read. The surnames I've added came from a camp pennant that was autographed by all the girls in camp.

Jean Clauss

Lu Wilt --- In a Bad Mood

Skipper [?] and her boyfriend

Back l to r: Marion Holmes, Roberta Morris, front: Joanna Marsden, Christine Quinn

Agnes Cosgrove, Helen Ball
Boulder field

Sally [Wilmot] on Tony

Sally Wilmot
b: Babs [Henry], Elaine, Sally [Wilmot], Cecily, f: Midge, Fran, Drash [Marian Drasher], Emmy Lou [Goedricke]

Babs [Henry], on Tony

Mickey, Babs [Henry], Patty, Drash [Marian Drasher], Fran, Emmy Lou [Goedricke], Rene [Correale], Dot [Stott]
Marian Drasher

Connie and Pudgy
Pat Houtz

Camp Ai-Yuk-Pa

Cecy in her big hat

Mimi Wilmot

Betsy [Jones], Patty, Renee [Correale], Porky [Jeanie Wilmot], Joan [Schwartz], Patty


Drash [Marian Drasher], Renee [Correale], Cece, Patty, Fran, Joanie [Schwartz]

Porky [Jeanie Wilmot]

Porky [Jeanie Wilmot], 'end up"

Sally [Wilmot] (woo woo)

Elinor and Jimmy

Elinor and Jimmy


Porky [Jeanie Wilmot]

Mr. Wilmot and Mrs if you look closely

Joan [Schwartz] caught off guard

Renee [Correale]

The Farm

The back of Betsy [Jones] and Sally [Wilmot] in a disheveled mood

Patty - keeping the Dr. away

Patty [Henry] dubiously testing the water

Betsy [Jones]. What a pose!

Renee [Correale] in a movie star attitude