Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Be Careful What You Wish For

I will look back on January and February of 1994 as the months from hell – aside from varying kinds of ill health (not life-threatening but irritating) I had a writing, editing and speech delivering chore for an organization I belong to – this took time, difficult driving, luck, service from others above and beyond the call of duty – booking and re-booking and cancellations. There were also two weeks where I was not allowed recreational reading. This included newspapers, magazines, crossword puzzles and books – books, my life line. This left television. Even with basic cable the daytime offerings are pretty horrendous. I was bereft and bored. CNN and many naps were called for. Digging out was left to my husband, son-in-law and daughter. 
There came a point when I could read again. I arose early for the paper and breakfast. The driveway was a sheet of glass from the driveway down to the street – the morning paper lay in the glittering gutter. I couldn’t even crunch the ice on the grass... Finally, determined, I proceeded down the driveway, bags of kitty litter held firmly, strewing in front of me, step by step, very slowly. I felt like an overage flower girl. I used to love snow – I grew up in Pennsylvania. For the last few years I have whined about the mild winters here in the Washington area, saying we should have winter weather in winter, springtime on schedule, etc. I have now learned the great truth in the statement: be careful what you wish for, you may get it!

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